Monday, April 12, 2010

Recasting StarWars: Princess Leia Organa

Recasting Star Wars with modern actors, one character at a time. What modern actor would you cast for a role if StarWars were to be refilmed today? Results are posted on my webpage for reference ( Remember one character at a time, 48 hours per character. Next Character is Princess Leia Organa. If you post another character I will probably delete your post... stay on target!

The Main discussion is happening on FaceBook.

Andrea S: Jeff's response is Olivia Munn
Dav C.: Remember, age is a pretty important factor for Leia, she is only 19 in ANH and she should not look any older than who you might cast for her brother. Just things to think about.
Ryan L.: I'd go with Summer Glau. You need someone that looks young but can pull off being wiser than their years.
Side note:
Munn doesn't look anywhere near her age of 30, but she's not a quality actress at all. Hot, but hope she doesn't speak more than 3 lines in Iron Man 2.
Andrea S.: I'm with you Ryan.. But Jeff wasn't having anything to do with listening to anyone that wasn't Olivia Munn.. She is hot.. but I can't picture her pulling off Leia..
Mark XII: I'd have to go with Michelle Trachtractenburg. I think she could pull it off.
Andrea S.: I've got my vote finally... Olivia Wilde... HOTNESS!
Christopher W.: Summer Glau or Morena Baccarin...both could do it well.
Dav C.: @Andrea, I was just telling Ryan last night that I thought Olivia Wilde and Summer Glau look a little alike.
@Mark, Trachtenburg is an interesting pick and I kinda like it!
Inigo G.: This one is actually really tough... Put me down for one Eva Green. Even if she is a bit older, she has serious talent.
Dav C.: The two I had been thinking of have been Amy Adams (maybe a tad too old, but she looks much younger than she is [35] and makeup can do wonders) and Zooey Deschanel (who also looks much younger than she is [30]).
I will also throw in Alexis Bledel just so everyone can yell at me :)
Bryan M.: Since I am going to try my best to avoid actors and actresses that have links to scifi or fantasy, I would have to suggest Lea Michele.

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