Sunday, April 18, 2010

Recasting Star Wars: Lando Calrissian

Recasting Star Wars: Lando Calrissian. What modern actor would you cast for this role if StarWars: Episode V (Empire Strikes Back) were to be refilmed today? Results are posted on my webpage for reference ( Remember one character at a time, limited time per character. If you post another character I will probably delete your post... stay on target!

Carl H.: Snoop Dogg
Ryan L.: Fot this I am torn between Don Cheadle or Harold Parrineau.
Andrea S.: Excellent choice Ryan... I was going with Don Cheadle... but I was busy so I'll come up with another one..
Courtney A.: Taye Diggs
Dav C.: Wow... ok, I will go against the grain here. Jude Law. He can do the smooth talking, card playing, back-stabbing, bureaucrat. I can also see him piloting the Falcon.
I do like Don Cheadle, except I have a problem seeing him as a pilot.
Snoop Dogg... I can see him more as yoda :) Yoda did smoke weed after all.
Jennifer M.: Jamie Foxx-- he can do smooth, sly, etc.
Ryan L.: ny man with the iron pair to pull off War Machine could fly the Falcon blind :)
Andrea S.: Will Smith... He'd get jiggy with it!
Inigo G.: Aaron Eckhart would be a pretty good choice.
Dav C.: I like Eckhart... just slimy enough.

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