Saturday, April 10, 2010

Recasting StarWars: Han Solo

New game, let's recast Star Wars with modern actors, one character at a time. What modern actor would you cast for a role if StarWars were to be refilmed today? I will post the results on my webpage for reference. Remember one character at a time, 48 hours per character. Starting with Han Solo. If you post another char...acter I will probalby delete your post... stay on target!
The Main discussion is happening on FaceBook. You can find it here.

Ryan L. Getting over the accent -- though there were numerous brits in the Empire -- I would actually go with Jude Law. Good looking, cocky, action-capable, not too old.
Jennifer M. I'd go with Robert Downey,jr. He's a bit older than Ford was, but so what! :-)
Dav C So, one of the defining moments of Han Solo (to me) is the scene in ANH on the Millennium Falcon where he says "I've flown from one end of this galaxy to the other, and I've seen a lot of strange stuff". The best person I can see in that scene is Nathan Fillion.
Ryan L. Smidge too old and ruled out, in my mind, because Malcom Reynolds and Han Solo are nearly indentical characters. Not that you've watched Firefly... :)
Carl H. Going with Colin Ferrell. Favorite Han Solo line is from the Empire Strikes Back. The princess tells Han she loves him. He responds 'I know' just before being frozen in carbonite.
Jeff via Andrea T. Paul Bettany.
Inigo G. Wow, good call with Jude Law. My vote would be for Gerard Butler.

Good Stuff everyone! Now for the next character!

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