Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Recasting Star Wars: Emperor Palpatine

Recasting Star Wars: Emperor Palpatine. What modern actor would you cast for this role if StarWars were to be refilmed today? Results are posted on my webpage for reference ( Remember one character at a time, 48 hours per character. If you post another character I will probably delete your post... stay on target!

The discussion is held on facebook here:

Dav C: BTW, I was thinking the Emperor Palpatine, which means episodes 4-6. I know he technically became emperor in episode 3, but we will recast the prequels later.
Andrea S.: Nic Cage! He's got the eyes AND he could use the money!
Andrea S.: and again for Jeff...
Funny: George Bush Sr
Real: Alan Rickman
Lol, Sean Connery would also be pretty good.
Ryan L.: Two words: Bill Nighy.
Dav C.: The Science Guy?
Ryan L.: That would be Bill Nigh... *shakes head" Bill Nighy you would know as Philip in Shaun of the Dead or Viktor in Underword or, slightly more known, Davey Jones in the Pirates of the Carribean Trilogy.
Courtney A.: Hi, Dav. :) My vote is for Edmund Lyndeck.
Inigo G.: Bill Nighy was also my first choice, but the fun is in the options, so.... My vote: Peter Stormare.
Dav C.: Ok, I am astounded that no one put in Ian McKellen, but a lot of people might be vetoing him due to Gandalf and Magneto.
However, he is not my pick, I just thought someone would have brought him up by now.
Dav C.: @Courtney Welcome and way to go with an obscure pick!
Christopher W.: Christopher Walken, sure not as wrinkled, but evil just flows from him.
Andrea S.: I have to agree on the Christopher Walken one too.. I mean, I still pick Nic Cage cause the guys eyes make me swoon but Christpher Walken was my 2nd choice!
Dav C.: I was getting ready to close this out when a name popped in my head. I don't usually think of him as evil, but he has done evil roles.He could also potentially do several of the roles across the series.
Morgan Freeman.
Dav C.:Ok, I am going to close this oone out a little early. Interesting pick that I never would have thought of. I guess that is what makes it so fun, all the different opinions.

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If you want to continue to discuss this, feel free. However, I am working on another medium for this to allow continued discussions.... See More

I will have the next character up shortly.

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