Sunday, January 31, 2010


I was Warned about Austin and the allergy season. Apparenly some of the allergies are hunting without a license 'cause we are a few weeks before the season and they are already killing me.

I Picked up Star Trek Onlne. One bad ass game. Very similar to Pirates of the Burning Sea but this one has a much better progression scheme.
The gameplay is a little clunky as they deal with thousands of online players in the same world. I have not decided on how I feel about the instancing. Basically, everyone is in the same set of servers, but there will be dozens of Earth's StarDock at any time. You can join your friends in the same instance reasonably easy, and it is smart enough to put all members of a shared pary in the same instace. The part I dont know if I like or not is that I only get 1 extra character slot (though a second extra slot (for a total of 3) supposedly does open up later). I often use the extra slots to try different things and get a feel for some of the things I could have tried.
Meh, I dont want to do a full reveiw. If you want a goo dreview, head over to I am sure the bouys over there will have a good one up soon.

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  1. So are you recommending the new Star Trek game or should I hold off for something else. I mourn the old SWG.