Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ever have one of those days...?

Actually, to clarify, ever have one of those dreams where you are trying to get from Point A to Point B, but you feel like something is pulling your eyelids in 2 different directions, and you are running uphill with a locomotive going downhill behind you with chains attached to the iron suit you are wearing but you still somehow seem to be naked?

Frustration thy name is Internet Service Provider.

FIOS take me away! Begone you DSL demons! (sob, I weep for my FIOS)

Yes, my Internet really is that slow. However, I got wireless bridging up in my house today, along with encryption. the encryption is new because I never bothered before in Virginia. My neighborhood was so bad none of my neighbors could afford computers, let alone wireless or and ISP. I got a little lazy.

However, now I have to protect my assets. My crazy white collar neighbors might rob me blind! I do however have the MOST complex home network of anyone I know. Running at least six operating systems, a full Windows Active Directory Domain, web sites, FTP sites, etc etc. The only thing I am not running (yet) is a VoIP phone system.

Ok, all typed out.

More later.

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