Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cool new stuff!

In my line of work there is a lot of automation; the idea is to get all the routine tasks performed in a way with little human interaction. It was not a stretch when we got a roomba for the house. It is already seeming to help. If you ever get to see these roombas, they are pretty amazing! We already want a second one to clean the hard floors. Nof if they would just make one to clean the table and wash the dishes...

We met a few of the neighbors and they are all very nice people. There is a little girl next door for Ashlyn to play with. It is still very cold out (temps will flux between 30-65 degrees in a day) so no one is doing yardwork or grilling yet (well, I still do grilling, it needs to be below 40 to stop me).

Hoping to get the bike into the shop this weekend, I miss riding her every day.

The DirecTV got hooked up over the weekend. I am already enjoying the new shows. Oddly, three of the 4 receivers needed to be replaced.

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  1. We have a roomba that is great. It really helps with all the shedding. We use ours on the hardwoods even tho it isnt the hardwood specific and it works well.