Friday, December 16, 2016

A few thoughts and some powershell

I am setting an early goal for 2017.
One hundred blog posts. That sounds a little daunting, but that is really only 2 a week. When I first started blogging (before it was called that) I did 3 a week for close to a year. Back then (in the mid to late 90s ) it was a much more manual process. I had to create an entire new page every time I updated it. None of this fancy stuff. Actually, I had a fancy tool called DreamWeaver that helped me write the code and manage the site.
But yeah... 3 posts a week. MWF. Then something happened... not sure what. I got married maybe?

So 100 posts in 2017. I hope to cover a few things, some personal, some professional, some silly.
On the professional side I will push some powershell. It has been my interest lately as I have been using it more and more at work. Since I am a silly manager my uses for it are a little different that my minions.I will try and get some of that stuff on here.

We'll see.

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