Sunday, May 2, 2010

Old Movies die hard..

For whatever reason I have been wathcing a bunch of 80s movies lately. Karate Kid 1&2, and Fast Times at Ridgmont High are the most notable.

KK was just bad, KK2 was worse. However, those two flicks were what started the martial arts hype of my generation. Yes, everyone knew who Bruce Lee was and there was a lot of other movies out prior and at the same time. However, KK made people believe that anyone could do it. That all it took was a little time and a lot of heart.

I still belive that KK2 did the same thing for American men's lust for Asian women. Just watch it again.. she was cute.

Fast Times at Ridgmont High. Wow, what a movie. A Classic B move for the ages. The quintessential 80s T&A movie.
It also had one of the greatest soundtracks ever.

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