Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Austin Bound

So I accepted the offer to transfer within my company to a new studio. The new studio is in Austin ad I will be moving my family there within the next few weeks.

We are very excited but personally I am very scared. This is huge and I am worried about how difficult it will be and how I will overcome those difficulties.

I do not have any concrete dates yet, but tentatively I will be starting in the new studio on December 14th. I am very excited about the new project... it will be even cooler than the last.

For those of you who are curious, if I display where I work or what projects I have worked on I have to do a lot of disclosure crap with my company. As I don't want to deal with all that you will have to suffer the mystery. Most everyone knows whereI work anyway, so it is not a huge deal.

I will try to get this set up for easier posting, but no guarantees.

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