Friday, August 6, 2021

Going to try something new.

 Actually this is something  I used to do a very very long time ago... like in the 90s.

Regular updates. Not just any regular updates, but life specific updates.

I don't think anyone has looked at this site in years, but if you are still checking, thanks.

Let me bring y'all up to speed.

My life is amazing.. I have a fantastic view of hell from my vantage point on the precipice. 

Let's list out a few things to start

  • Three healthy children, two of which (the twinions) are autistic (more on them later).
  • A bride that could care less if I am alive
Now lets go over the last 18 months
  • Every major appliance (except washer dryer) in the house has had issues in the last 18 months (dishwasher )twice), fridge, HVAC, stove, and microwave
  • COVID-19
  • My company went bankrupt due to covid 19 (no warning, just a sudden company meeting in October saying goodbye. No warning, no indications, no severance, no COBRA, nuffin)
  • Due to covid the twins cannot attend their ABA therapy nor can they attend school. This is a bad thing. Nutshell: they are becoming more and more agitated, aggressive, and violent.

More later, I am honestly exhausted jut typing this out.

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